Questions to ask your doctor when availing of regular health assessments

Don’t wait to get sick before you visit a health assessment doctor Portside health centres partner with. To achieve long-term health, availing of regular checkups is a must. Habits aside, regular checkups help you be aware of your health risks and existing conditions.

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However, is this your first time to avail of this service? If yes, be sure to prepare accordingly. Specifically, it’s best to have some questions for your doctor, aside from asking for prescription meds and therapy recommendations.

Awareness is the first step to prevention

Hospitalisation is costly. Besides, getting sick means a lot of inconveniences to your family. Add to that the sadness and isolation your sickly loved one would feel. These are reasons enough for you to avail of the services of a health assessment doctor Portside has to offer. But, how can you maximise on the consultations?

Asking the right questions during the consultation is a great way to start. Doing this allows you to know your health status in detail. Unless you’re a healthcare provider yourself and can interpret laboratory results, you certainly need the doctor’s explanation about your lab results.

For instance, if you’re a woman availing of breast cancer screening and pelvic exam, you’d need to consult a womens doctor Portside has to offer. Or, you could also visit a pediatrician for well-child visits.

The best questions to ask your doctor for long-term health

On your appointment with a GP in Eagle Farm, focus on the following questions. These will give you an overall picture of your health and of your loved ones:

  1. What are the diseases you’re at risk of?
  2. What lifestyle adjustments can you make to avoid the diseases you’re predisposed to have?
  3. How often should you avail of health assessments and physical exams?
  4. What does your medical history, if you’ve presented any, tell about your health?
  5. Why were you given the medications you have? And, are there side effects you can expect from the meds?
  6. What are the laboratory tests or physical exam types you should undergo regularly?
  7. If you’re diagnosed with an illness, what are your options for treatment? What medications to take and therapies to undergo?
  8. What resources you can refer to online for further practical health tips you can do daily?
  9. What are additional healthcare services you might need to keep yourself and your family healthy for a long time?
  10. What is the cost of the treatment, therapies, and other lifestyle adjustment recommendations?

With these questions, you can maximise on the consultations provided by a health assessment doctor Portside healthcare facilities have. Don’t worry. Doctors will appreciate your inquisitiveness, as this means you’re really interested in living a healthy life.

Long-term health is a result of a series of habits. And, you can shape your habits by seeking help from a reputable GP in Northshore or other subsurbs in Australia.

If you’re now looking for a provider of affordable health assessment and consultation services in Queensland, the services offered at Portside Medical Centre are available to you.