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Questions to ask your doctor when availing of regular health assessments


Don’t wait to get sick before you visit a health assessment doctor Portside health centres partner with. To achieve long-term health, availing of regular checkups is a must. Habits aside, regular checkups help you be aware of your health risks and existing conditions.

health assessment doctor portside

However, is this your first time to avail of this service? If yes, be sure to prepare accordingly. Specifically, it’s best to have some questions for your doctor, aside from asking for prescription meds and therapy recommendations.

Awareness is the first step to prevention

Hospitalisation is costly. Besides, getting sick means a lot of inconveniences to your family. Add to that the sadness and isolation your sickly loved one would feel. These are reasons enough for you to avail of the services of a health assessment doctor Portside has to offer. But, how can you maximise on the consultations?

Asking the right questions during the consultation is a great way to start. Doing this allows you to know your health status in detail. Unless you’re a healthcare provider yourself and can interpret laboratory results, you certainly need the doctor’s explanation about your lab results.

For instance, if you’re a woman availing of breast cancer screening and pelvic exam, you’d need to consult a womens doctor Portside has to offer. Or, you could also visit a pediatrician for well-child visits.

The best questions to ask your doctor for long-term health

On your appointment with a GP in Eagle Farm, focus on the following questions. These will give you an overall picture of your health and of your loved ones:

  1. What are the diseases you’re at risk of?
  2. What lifestyle adjustments can you make to avoid the diseases you’re predisposed to have?
  3. How often should you avail of health assessments and physical exams?
  4. What does your medical history, if you’ve presented any, tell about your health?
  5. Why were you given the medications you have? And, are there side effects you can expect from the meds?
  6. What are the laboratory tests or physical exam types you should undergo regularly?
  7. If you’re diagnosed with an illness, what are your options for treatment? What medications to take and therapies to undergo?
  8. What resources you can refer to online for further practical health tips you can do daily?
  9. What are additional healthcare services you might need to keep yourself and your family healthy for a long time?
  10. What is the cost of the treatment, therapies, and other lifestyle adjustment recommendations?

With these questions, you can maximise on the consultations provided by a health assessment doctor Portside healthcare facilities have. Don’t worry. Doctors will appreciate your inquisitiveness, as this means you’re really interested in living a healthy life.

Long-term health is a result of a series of habits. And, you can shape your habits by seeking help from a reputable GP in Northshore or other subsurbs in Australia.

If you’re now looking for a provider of affordable health assessment and consultation services in Queensland, the services offered at Portside Medical Centre are available to you.

How a sauna at home can benefit you and your family

Health & Beauty

Do you know what a sauna is and what it can do for your health? Not that many people know what this amenity is, let alone the health benefits it can bring. A sauna is an unpainted room equipped with wooden benches and wooden walls. It has an electric heater that gets the temperature inside the room to up to 90 degrees Celsius. If you want to see what a sauna looks like, check out

Some believe that a sauna is only used for relaxation and stress relief. However, It is actually used for more than that. According to a Harvard health article, Mayans used their equivalent of a sauna 3,000 years ago for health purposes and for religious ceremonies. The use of a sauna for health and relaxation is also prevalent in Finland, with the Finns using this sweat room for over a thousand years now. In fact, one out of every three adults in Finland uses a sauna regularly.

What you gain when you use a sauna regularly

Whichever type of sauna you use from the catalog of JNH LIFESTYLES will bring you the health benefits associated with it. These include:

Reduces pain in muscles faster after a workout – If you are into working out, you will notice pain in your muscles after hours and even days of your workout, which is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). When you use a sauna, DOMS is not as painful. The recovery is faster, and the soreness is not as pronounced.

Helps lower blood pressure – In an individual study, participants sat in a sauna for at least 30 minutes. Immediately afterwards, their blood pressures showed a decrease in both systolic and diastolic levels. The low levels remained the same for over half an hour after they stopped using the sauna.

The explanation for this is that the heat in the sauna helps dilate the blood vessels. This causes better blood flow, which improves a person’s blood pressure.

Gives you a healthier heart – Another benefit you get from using a sauna regularly is a stronger heart. Staying in a sauna for half an hour causes your heart to pump faster. It is the equivalent of moderate exercise, like jogging or brisk walking.

A study by the University of Finland also reached a conclusion that regular sauna use helps reduce the possibility of untimely death by heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Promotes better brain power – If you want to improve your memory, you should think about sitting in a sauna a few times a week. Studies show that men who used a sauna at least three times a week or more had a lower chance of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This is also attributed to the improved blood flow that the heat from a sauna induces.

All of these benefits should encourage you to try and use a sauna at least once a week. If you don’t want to sit in one in public with other people, you can have one installed in your home. Check out for your options.

Why you should pay attention to your dental care


Visiting a dentist is always low on the list of things people prioritize in their lives. Ideally, you should visit your dentist at least once every six months for a checkup and prophylaxis. Sadly, people visit a dentist only when problems like cavities and broken teeth emerge. When you need dental help, you should visit a dentist like Gordon Dental. You can check out their list of services here:

What to expect when you visit a dentist

When you visit a dentist for the first time, you will undergo a thorough dental examination. This is to determine if there are problems that the dentist has to address immediately. This process usually involves the following:

  • The checking of your head and neck for swelling
  • Checking of your lymph nodes for inflammation
  • Checking of lower jaw for possible TMJ disorder

Next will be the checking of your teeth and gums. This will involve:

  • Gum examination for inflammation or irritation
  • Determining if there is gum disease
  • Looking for loose teeth
  • Checking the tongue for problems
  • Checking for tooth decay and damage
  • Checking of patient’s bite
  • Taking of X-rays of the teeth and gums

If a patient has been to a dentist before, they will also check if any previous fillings need replacing. The dentist will also check if any dental appliances you have are still okay. If you check the regular dental services on Gordon Dental, you will see that they offer all these and more. They also offer the replacement of old fillings with newer ones and tooth extraction for damaged teeth.

Next, you will undergo a thorough teeth cleaning. Prophylaxis is the term that dentists use for this service. Dentists use specialized tools and methods to do this. The process involves the following steps:

  • Removal of tartar and plaque
  • Polishing of your teeth
  • Flossing of the areas between each tooth

While your teeth are being cleaned, your dentist will educate you on the importance of regular dental visits. They will also teach you how to take care of your teeth at home.

Why visit your dentist regularly

The main reason why you should see your dentist regularly is to ensure that your teeth and gums stay in good health your whole life. Regular visits will help your dentist detect problems before they become serious. They can also help keep your teeth and gums clean with regular care.

Taking good care of your teeth and gums will help you avoid any future pain from problems like toothaches, infected gums, and the like. These visits will also give your dentist the chance to check for any special needs your teeth and gums may have. If your teeth need braces or if you have an overbite, cosmetic dental procedures will be the recommendation.

There is no need to be afraid of the dentist. What you should be afraid of is the pain that you will experience of you neglect doing this for so long. Check out to see which dental services you might need that they can offer you. They even have a special treatment for patients who suffer from anxiety due to their fear of dentists.

Prep for Root Canal Therapy with These 5 Steps


Nothing can probably scare you than undergoing a dental procedure you’re unfamiliar with such as root canal. The good news is it doesn’t have to happen right away. This will give you ample time to research including the dental crown cost Brisbane clinics are offering.

dental crown cost brisbane

You can also prep by following these steps:

  1. Decide Who Should Perform the Procedure

Usually, it’s the general dentist who will recommend the procedure. They may also be capable of performing it. If yours is a complex case, they may refer you to an endodontist.

An endodontist is a dentist who specialises in issues affecting the teeth pulp. It is a chamber in the middle of the teeth that contains the nerves, soft tissues, and blood vessels. It can develop inflammation and, thus, may have to be removed to avoid complications. Click here Fix Dental

Dental services prices can differ depending on who’s going to do the procedure. You may find specialists costlier than general dentists.

Some clinics can offer you reasonable rates according to your dental issue. In the end, cost should come secondary from your health.

  1. Compare the Dental Treatment Price List of Clinics

It will be helpful when you can already have some idea about the possible cost of the root canal treatment. You will know if your health insurance can cover the whole cost, or you need to spend it out of pocket.

You can also identify the dental crown cost Brisbane clinics provide. Just because a clinic is cheap doesn’t mean it’s worth the price. Consider what the costs cover, such as anesthesia or crown.

  1. Go Easy on Your Schedule

Before you undergo the procedure, make sure you can already fix your schedule. You should take a leave on the day of your root canal treatment and perhaps another the following day.

This will give you time to rest. The tooth is also likely to be painful around this time. By the third day, you should already be out and about. Still, the doctor may advise you not to engage in strenuous activities.

  1. Have Someone Drive You on the Day

Although you are more likely to be awake during the procedure, you will still be under anesthesia. That can affect your reflex and focus, among others. You may feel groggy and even in pain after the root canal treatment.

Ensure you can have someone to drive you to and from your home. You may want to have a friend or a relative stay with you at least overnight in case you need help around the house.

  1. Schedule for a Crown

A root canal is only half of the procedure. The other is the installation of a crown, which is the top part of the tooth. It will allow you to chew food again.

A dental crown cost Brisbane clinics offer can be different from the price of the root canal procedure, but some may already bundle them.

Either way, adding a crown may take two visits to the dentist. Right after the root canal procedure, the dentist may install a temporary crown. After a few weeks, you need to come back for the permanent one.

A root canal treatment can be overwhelming, but preparation can make you feel more confident and relaxed to go through with it.

Looking for a budget dentist Brisbane has today? Check out FixDental for friendly prices.

How can an inpatient rehab facility help you get through your addiction struggles?


The road to recovery starts when a person struggling with drug or alcohol dependence realises that they need help. However, recovering from such addictions is not easy. To successfully overcome your addiction, you need a strong support group consisting of friends, family, and a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you recover. However, even with all the support and help you are getting, you are still surrounded by negative influences and temptations. This is where inpatient rehab providers, like, come in. Not only do these facilities take away all the temptations, but they also offer round-the-clock support.

Complete focus on your self

When you’re in an inpatient rehab facility, you don’t have to take care of your family, work, or anybody else. So, there’s nothing to worry about but yourself. This helps you concentrate on recovering while away from distractions or stress.

24/7 supervision and medical support

Most addicts go through withdrawal–both physically and mentally. Mental withdrawal can last for months, which can be longer than the physical symptoms. That’s why this can be a very dangerous time. It may even be life-threatening.

People experiencing withdrawal symptoms at an inpatient rehab centre, like Arrow Health, will receive 24/7 professional medical support and counselling. The early stages of recovery are crucial and make all the difference since most relapses happen during this time.


The programmes at inpatient rehab centres are structured to limit your free time. Less free time means less time to think about drugs and more time to focus on recovery and forming healthier habits. This way, you are less likely to have a relapse.

No temptation or other negative influences

When you opt to stay at an inpatient rehab facility, it means you will have to stay there at all times. This also means you won’t have any access to alcohol or drugs, effectively eliminating any source of temptation. All your phone calls and visitors are also closely monitored, preventing the smuggling of substances. It also helps you avoid any contact with people who could negatively influence you.

Balanced diet

You will need all the nutrients you can get while going through the initial stages of withdrawal. Inpatient rehabs know and understand this. That’s why they make sure that all their patients eat a healthy, balanced diet. Aside from making you physically healthy, this also helps you gain the mental strength to get through the entire recovery process.

New friendships

While at an inpatient rehab centre, you will be with others who are in the same situation as you. So, they exactly know what you are going through. This camaraderie with the other patients can help you overcome the isolation and loneliness many people experience during early recovery.

The programmes at Arrow Health are developed by medical professionals with over 30 years of experience in the medical alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector. Additionally, their staff has a strong track record when it comes to addiction treatment.

Most importantly, at Arrow Health, you are not just someone recovering from addiction. You will be treated with the utmost care and respect by the facility’s staff members. You can check out their complete list of services at

The right products to help inexperienced people respond to emergencies


Being prepared before an emergency is an advantage. You will never know when an emergency strikes, but its best to train rather than not knowing what to do in an accident. And when it comes to first aid training supplies, you can find them from trusted stores like

How you can help save lives

Giving first aid is not only limited to performing CPR. You can bring other tools, so you are always ready to respond to an emergency. For instance, if you want to ensure your workplace is prepared for emergency response, invest in AEDs or Automated External Defibrillator.

Moreover, it would be best if you pick an emergency response team and enrol them in first aid courses in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. As you might already have known, first aid training is required for many service professions and work environments such as offices and schools.

Now, if you want to know how to perform CPR but can’t afford costly CPR, you can find CPR training supplies from online shoppes like They have just the right equipment such as the CPR Cube. It is a hand-only CPR training tool that allows you to master proper chest compressions even without using a mannequin.

Why first aid training is important

You don’t want to be caught off guard during a crisis. You need to ensure that your workforce or students are safe and are guided by experts when dealing with emergency scenarios. You can only achieve this when you have the right training from the right professionals. On top of that, having the right equipment also makes a difference when saving lives.

Finding the right centre that offers first aid training is equally important. Look for trainers that are recommended by peers or family or you can log online and search for suppliers who also offer training on operating AED machines. Workers should learn how to use an AED defibrillator. Companies like APL Healthcare, for instance, are known for providing AED basic training to inexperienced individuals so they can respond during an emergency. Visit at Apl Healthcare

Other first aid courses available

Other than first aid, water rescue is one of the most sought after life-saving rescue training these days. Australia is blessed with abundant shores and plenty of opportunities for Aussies to do water activities like swimming, kayaking, snorkelling or surfing among others. You can find training supplies from trusted sites like, so your staff are equipped to handle all kinds of emergency, from water rescue to first aid for both adults and children.

Final thoughts

These are just a few reasons why you should equip your staff with the right knowledge and tools to respond to common emergency situations.

Now, are you still searching for emergency equipment providers? Look for a trusted company, like APL Healthcare, for instance, that is a renowned provider of medical, healthcare simulation and rescue training products. With the right tools and training from experts in the field, your company or institution can comply with industry requirements in providing first aid. More details at

Factors to consider when looking for a Carindale general practice doctor

Health & Beauty

Being healthy should be everyone’s leading concern specifically nowadays when contamination and global warming is widespread. Without good health, it is difficult to take care of your family, undertake your essential functions, and perform your task in the office. That is why you should find credible Carindale general practice doctors to deal with your health.

It is inadequate that you find the nearest Carindale general practice doctor for your routine health checkup. You should also consider their reliability and the quality of their service before you entrust them with your health.

Here are the standards you should consider when you are searching for nearby Carindale doctors:

They should be licensed to do work in their chosen field.

While a stylish medical centre is a benefit, you should similarly consider the dependability of their experts. Examine if your physician is acknowledged in your selected medical centre. You may require looking for a specific centre where your doctor is recognized to practice. In addition, you might require finding other Carindale physicians who are currently part of your selected medical centre.

They should offer quality service and positive client experience

It’s so easy for a professional to state quality rankings; however, a lot of factors determine quality. One of them is the clients’ experience. Many organisations have an online presence nowadays; therefore, it is now simple to read reviews and feedback from their clients. Take a look at ratings and speak with loved ones who had tried visiting their centres. Word of mouth still travels fast and you can use this to your advantage. By learning more about the Carindale general practice doctor, you will make informed choices on whether you should trust their expertise or find someone else.

They offer many specialized services for the clients’ convenience.

You do not want to transfer to another clinic for a different treatment or test. That is why it is needed for a centre to offer various services for treatment and consultation. This makes it useful for you throughout your evaluation. If your Carindale physician needs some tests performed, the medical centre requires having its own technicians who can operate innovative laboratory equipment and supply test results.

Another thing to consider is the availability of bulk-billing. Under Medicare, the bulk billing doctors Carindale has today can accept payment through your Medicare card. Simply swipe your card on their Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) machine and Medicare will pay your charges.

They should be nearby and offer flexible clinic hours.

While it is essential to go to a medical professional you trust, the location of their centre should similarly be a top concern. Check if the centre is accessible and is positioned near your home, or even your kids’ school or university. This way, you can access a reliable centre during emergencies. If you live in Carindale, look for a Carindale GP that is situated near you.

You should also consider their hours of assessment. Are they open 24/7 or do you have to wait until they open? Do they have on-call professionals or doctors that offer home visitation in emergencies? Acknowledge the flexibility of a clinic visiting a doctor. This will help you to find the ideal bulk bill doctors Carindale has for you and your family.

These are merely a number of pointers to remember when picking the best Carindale medical professional. You should take your health seriously. That is why you should select a medical centre that you can count on. On the other hand, you may also go to if you are looking for a skin clinic Carindale offers for those with skin problems.

Fundraising Tips and Tricks: Make the Most of Your Fundraising Efforts with these Tips!

Food & Drink

Are you planning to start a fundraising program for those in need? Charity and fundraising programs can be a great activity to spend your summers and free time on while helping others along the way. Whether you plan to buy some banana bread Woolworths stores sell for the elderly at the senior centers or distribute restaurant banana bread to street children, fundraising activities are enjoyable and wholesome. If you and your organization have chosen this noble activity as a form of bonding time, you can have all the help you need to be a success. However, there are factors and technicalities you have to take into account first before starting your fundraising venture.

Here are some valuable guidelines you can utilize to lead your fundraising program to success:

Getting Sponsors and Donors to Support Your Cause

Usually, sponsors and donors contribute because:

  • They know and want to support you.
  • Your non-profit resonates with them.
  • They’re impressed by your fundraising efforts or the event you’re tackling.
  • They can see the direct impact their donation makes.

With this research, here are steps you can follow that will contribute to your successful fundraising:

The Essentials for a Successful Fundraising Activity

First, you need to tell your story. Not sure how to start? Try answering these questions in your personal message on your fundraising page:

  • Why are you fundraising?
  • Why is this cause important to you?
  • What impact will each donation make?

Set a Fundraising Goal

Donors want to see their friend succeed. In fact, some will donate again if they know their friend is close to their goal.

1.  Set a fundraising target when editing your fundraising page.

2.  Give updates on the status of your fundraising efforts.

3.  Raise your goal once you reach it. Then, notify your donors again.

Add a Picture

Add an image that speaks to your donors, such as a photo of you in your event or who or what the donations are helping.

Tell Your Contacts

Share your fundraising page with family, friends, colleagues, parishioners, or anyone in your community.

Create a Special Page for Convenient Donations

Have guests RSVP via making a donation to your created website or page. This way, you don’t have to collect donations at the door and you will have an attendance list.

Offer your services

In exchange for a donation to your fundraising page, you could:

  • Babysit
  • Rake leaves, shovel snow or cut the grass
  • Learn how to make pavlova or buy cafe banana bread at any banana bread Woolworths stores in your locality

Celebrate your birthday

Ask friends to make a donation to your fundraising page in lieu of presents.

Throw a party

Get your family and friends on it and divide the tasks.

Set a date

Ask your favorite restaurant, bar, or coffee shop to donate some space.

Thank Your Donors

Personalize a thank you message and tell donors what it means to you or how their donation is helping your fundraising activity. No matter if they donated banana bread Woolworths stores sell or financial aid, you need to give them equal merits for their help. Visit us at

Want to Launch Your Own Catering Company? Here are Things You Should Remember

Food & Drink

The service market needs to deal with high expectations all the time. In a big city or town such as Melbourne, a word of mouth promotion is rather strong and an appropriate method of sharing info. As soon as a wedding catering business does a wonderful task on one occasion, whether it is a wedding event supper or a business occasion, the word spreads out around.

wedding catering

Individuals do talk about the food they got and the total plans and the services of wedding catering. These have to live up to such a track record.

The food spread on the table needs to have the range, each meal needs to taste well, and the quality of service needs to be leading class. Each of these elements has its own significance; you can not make the very best meals and not present and serve it well.

You can not make the finest meal there is and keep duplicating it at every meal served in the majority of celebrations. Individuals in Melbourne have actually ended up being familiar with searching for the range of their food and there is no other way the wedding catering business can leave this truth.

Budget Plan

Among the very first concerns to think about when trying to find a great business providing expert wedding or corporate catering Melbourne has today is to identify your budget plan. This can be governed by the number of visitors you will have.

Some catering service fee per individual, while others will charge by the menu cost. Prices are totally flexible, and though costs might have the tendency to be appealing, there can be other covert charges that might not be revealed totally. You can quickly lower the cost of catering for your function.

Simply eliminate high-ends like alcohols. Note that this alternative is up to your discretion and cannot be appropriate for all functions.

Get Recommendations from Experts

Do your research study about the catering service. What current occasions have they catered? If you can, get the contact info of those people or business that they have actually just recently catered.

Take some time to ask concerns about the food, quality of service and other kinds of feedback. Use that info in identifying whether the catering service is a great suitable for your requirements. You ought to observe both excellent and bad evaluations.

Food Security Must Come First

Food catering Melbourne wide is no simple job. The catering business will be charged to prepare food for as much as 500 individuals.

Some catering services will cut corners and choose to utilize frozen food items. Frozen food is inferior in quality to fresh components. At the very same time, the rotting rate is greater with the previous. If you wish to take pleasure in the greatest quality food at the occasion, you ought to select fresh components over frozen items.

Experience and Track Record

Experience is essential when it concerns catering. The best finger food catering is provided by a knowledgeable business.

  • How long have they been in service?
  • Have they offered catering services on an occasion just like yours?
  • If you are holding a business occasion, have they done business catering before?

A well-skilled business will not just prepare incredibly yummy food, however, they will guide you on the very best and expense efficient choices. Long experience supports great track record. The very best method of the business’s credibility is through reviews.

Visit their site and read exactly what their previous clients are stating about them.

How To Drink?


How much wheatgrass juice should I drink?

It must be noted that the composition of wheatgrass juice differs significantly from other juices and it has a much more intense detoxing action than other fruit and vegetable juices. People new to taking wheatgrass should start by consuming 30 ml( one shot) a day. After a week, build this up to 60 ml (dobble shot) a day, which is two 30 ml servings taken at different times of the day. Over the next few months one can build up to 4 shots of wheatgrass juice per day.

It is hightly recommended to drink wheatgrass on an empty stomach, as otherwise one may experience nausea. After the wheatgrass juice is consumed, one should let it be digested for at least half an hour before eating. Remember Wheatgrass being a Super Food is completely assimilated in the body in 20 minutes.

The feeling of nausea can be combated by adding other juices to the wheatgrass juice, to reduce its taste of sweetness. Celery juice is an ideal partner, because it has a natural savoury taste due to its high levels of sodium. Other types of juice, like carrot juice and orange juice are highly recommended as well.

***Please Note, wheatgrass is often served with a slice of orange on the side. You can drink the shot and take the orange slice to enhance the orange taste.

The Health Trend


The health trend is nothing new to our ears. We do anything to stay healthy, younger, feel and look better everyday. We use hours to work out, eat right, and take care of bodies in any shape or form. We also use thousands of dollars for following this trend.

Wheat grass is a great step in the right direction, to help each and everyone, to get closer to their personal goals.

Wheat grass not only gives you the energy and all the nutrition you need in a day, but it also helps you fight sickness, control your weight, and has enzymes, proven to keep you young and healthy.

So, don’t go on diets, and use money for wasted efforts, drink the green blood of health, which gives you a healthy kick toward the right direction, with out any of those chemical side effects.

Please read more about all the benefits, a shot a wheat grass has and how it can help you reach your health goal in the right direction.

Feel good, healthy and achieve better results in your workout and allow your body benefit from it.



Wheatgrass is one of nature’s true super foods and can be considered as a complete food capable of sustaining human life in the absence of other nourishment for long periods. Single-track approach to nutrition is not recommended, but this amazing thing contains almost everything necessary to keep us going. It is a very good provider of the proteins required for cell regeneration and is renowned for its healing properties. Apart from being a blood builder, wheatgrass is also a blood purifier greatly assisting in the removal of waste products of the body because of its ‘detergent’ properties. It helps drainage of the lymphatic system and breaks down mucous, which can render the body’s natural processes less efficient. It is said to be helpful in the removal of carcinogens, harmful chemicals and heavy metals present in the body. It is also an excellent blood tonic as it increases the hemoglobin content of the blood and improves oxygen transport. It has natural antibiotic properties, which help to maintain a healthy digestive tract. It can also be used externally to help with wounds, skin conditions, and dandruff. The vitamin content of this is outstanding and it is a powerful antioxidant. Thus it can be said that wheat grass is a fabulous supplement as it consists nutrients having therapeutic value as vitamins, mineral, enzymes, protein and chlorophyll.



As you drink a freshly squeezed shot of wheatgrass, this liquid form allows for maximum absorption of all its nutrients. Its nutrients are so volatile that it must be consumed within 20 minutes directly after juicing. Wheatgrass energizes and reduces fatigue. There are reports, wheatgrass suddenly regain vitality in a person, when taken in a tired stage. So scratch the esspresso and take the healthier wake-up call with a shot of wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass will also help suppress appetite because it is loaded with so many nutrients. your body will feel more satisfied and not hungry looking for more nutrients. It is the best thing to take during a fast.Wheatgrass is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The juice has many health benefits due to the high concentration of chlorophyll, Vitamins B-12, B-6, K & C, and beta-carotene.There is much more to learn about wheatgrass….